Turnkey IoT -solutions

We provide turnkey IoT -solutions including planning of the service and providing devices and services for the customers. We work on a wide range of industries e.g. Pharma, Facility Management and Transportation with our customers on five continents.


Seemoto turnkey solutions are utilized e.g. in food, health care and pharma cold chain applications;  goods monitoring during transportation and storage.  

Seemoto provides dynamic and scalable solution for its customers and it is used in five continents by hundreds of companies operating in a wide variety of industries. Solutions fulfill EN12830, HACCP, pharma GDP & GMP and FDA 21 CFR part 11 requirements.

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FeelPlace solutions are utilized e.g. in demanding facility management, indoor air quality and other building related monitoring applications.

FeelPlace is based on Seemoto technology  solutions and provides dynamic and scalable solution for its customers catering the whole lifespan of  urban building .

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SensUrban services are co-created with cities and campuses and include services related to traffic, people flow and indoor & outdoor air quality.

SensUrban solutions provide key measured information for Urban space and large scale facility planning and development.



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